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workshop Package

Take your class on an adventure with our favourite friends Moo Moo the cow, Peppy the pig and Nay Nay the horse! Each workshop begins with an interactive social story, that helps students make important connections to daily life and routines. The adventure continues when students are provided the opportunity to experience the story through the four or five play based stations.

All In-School Workshops will consist of 4 or 5 Stations. 

Explore each FRAME and choose up to FIVE Stations that best suit your class needs

Students will use their fine and gross motor skills to...

Belonging & Contributing

Three Stations Available

Students will  be exploring the world through natural curiosity, in ways that engage the mind, the senses, and the body...

Problem Solving& INnovating

Five Stations Available

Literacy&Math Behaviours

Through gestures, physical movements, words, symbols, and representations  students will...

Six Stations Available

Students will recognize and regulate their emotions, while adapting to distractions...

Self Regulation &
Well Being 

Two Stations Available

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