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Little Kids Big Fun Inc. is a company that provides educational and rental services for little ones, ages 1-6.  We at LKBF believe that play allows children to be creative and critical thinkers through innovation and inquiry. As educators we want to see children develop their passion for learning and help their curiosity to explore the world around them. We have developed a play based learning workshop using the overall and specific expectations from the new Kindergarten Program Ontario Curriculum.


Play based learning happens through different experiences inside and outside the classroom.  LKBF provides various fun and engaging mobile play spaces to meet any event needs. We provide children with a safe place to explore, play and learn. Allow your littles at any event from birthdays to weddings to use their imagination and creativity while discovering and developing important skills. Little Kids Big Fun Inc. allows YOU to sit back and relax while your children are entertained for hours.  

Soft Play Party Rentals

rental Packages

Kickoff Package

Approx. Dimensions 8'x10'

Corner foam climbers

Building blocks 

Two bouncers 

Funtopia Package

Approx. Dimensions 10'x10'


Ball pit + Slide

Building blocks 

Two bouncers

Big Bash Package

Approx. Dimensions 10' x 12'

Foam Climbers

Building Blocks 

Two bouncers

Ball pit +Slide

Jumbo Lego 

Extravaganza Package

Approx. Dimensions 10' x 14'

Foam Climbers

Building Blocks 

Three Bouncers

Ball Pit + Slide

Roller Coaster

Jumbo Lego 


Big Fun Package

Approx. Dimensions 10' x 14'

Bounce house

Jumbo ball pit

Jumbo lego


Customized Package

All customized packages will include a base service fee of $65.

Choose from any of  our items and we will provide you with a quote for your package! 

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WORKSHOp Details

Children are naturally curious, they love to build, create, explore and ask questions. Play allows children to be creative and critical thinkers through inquiry and innovation. Research shows that play based learning provides greater emotional, social and academic success. We as educators believe when children initiate play they are more motivated to learn and develop a positive inclination towards learning. Our program provides a balance between child initiated, child led and educator supported learning through a range of opened ended learning experiences.

Using the Ontario Curriculum, LKBF has developed center based workshops that meet and use all four frames of learning. The Ontario Curriculum uses four frames/broad areas of learning. The four frames – Belonging and Contributing, Self-Regulation and Well-Being, Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours, and Problem Solving and Innovating – are designed to support the way children learn naturally. The four frames align with the four foundational conditions needed for children to grow and flourish – Belonging, Well-Being, Expression, and Engagement.  All four frames lay the foundation for developing traits and attitudes children will need to become active, contributing, responsible citizens and healthy, engaged individuals who take responsibility for their own and others' well-being.


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